Optimize Image – Load Website Faster

Now a days everyone using broadband connection, but from visitors point of view most user like fast loading pages. So it is necessary to take care about page loading time while developing a website.

Generally a webpage consist text and image element, text needs very low bandwidth and, it loads in a fraction of time but image will take time to load, there are many factors affects for image loading time. Sometimes visitors have fast internet connection although it will take time to load an image due to image size is large so it cant be loaded immediately.

For a slow website, In most case there is a problem with image. Sometimes web developer put image on a website without optimize for the web. It is important to optimize image before uploading to website. You can use any image editing software for this purpose.

I will suggest to use image editing software to optimize it, and thereby reducing the file size (in bytes) of your image without affecting its visual appearance. If you have photoshop then you can use “Save for Web” features to optimize image at best level. If you do not have Photoshop, there are many free image editing software available that you can download and use to reduce image’s file size.

Images can be saved to PNG format to get the best quality and lower file size. There are different way to optimize the image so make your choice wisely!