Guide to Better Experience on Website

Hello Friends,

Today I will give a basic idea for website that gives better user experience for your website. For any website it is necessary to pay attention at detail levels until a site live and run as expected. I am giving you some general suggestion based on my experience in web development. It’s just a suggestion and not a rule.

1) Intro Page is Not Necessary All Time.
Intro pages are the first pages you see when you browse some website. Normally most intro pages have image with sentence like “enter site”. Basically intro page are just a presentation with not real purpose, it will add efforts on visitors to click one more time to show your website’s valuable home page. I will suggest to show the home page immediately when visitors expect to see it.

2) Do Not Use Banner Advertisements Excessively.
Now a days banners are everywhere on the net. Also a regular internet users have trained them self to ignore the banner advertisement from a website. It means you are wasting a valuable space on your website at prime location on home or other pages. I will suggest to place a content that will helpful for your visitors to know more about your products or services, that will results to feel your visitors to buy your products instead for forced to buy it.

3) Keep A Navigation Menu Clean & Simple.
Make a design for your site such that a site navigation menu looks clean and simple so that even non technical person can also understand easily how to use it. I will suggest to stay away from the menu with animation and complicated to understand for visitors. It is truth that people will ignore a site if they finds difficult to understand and leave it immediately and never think about to visit again.

4) Put an Indicator Where the Visitor Is.
I have seen that some portals are too much in depth, also they does not provide indication on a website to know where we are. I will suggest to put a proper indication when your website have multiple section with lots of content, that will visitors to browse relevant information from your website. At last if your visitors get confused, they leave a site.

5) Avoid Using Background Audio that annoy the visitors
If your visitors need to spend more time your website for reading a content, understanding chars etc. make sure that background audio will not distract visitors from reading a content. Sometimes audio are set in loop so it will never ends, that may annoyed many visitors. In such case make sure that your visitors have some control the volume or mute the audio.

My guidelines will help you to identify how good is your website in terms of user experience.