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How to Improve Website Usability


Today we will discuss about usability, an important factor for any website.

Imagine you have designed very good website but it is very difficult to read the content from a page, It means a container with Air. I am giving you some idea for improving the usability of your website to make sure it functions better way.

Let’s start with, Typography:
Make sure to use a suitable typography according to page content. If needs a larger size text, make sure to set proper line-height css properly so it looks better when text goes to multiple lines. Also take care to adjust proper font size so it is easily readable and does not look like fragmented. Font should be used such a way that is looks like in a group within a paragraph. Otherwise it will put a strain on your eyes to read it. read more…

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Guide to Better Experience on Website

Hello Friends,

Today I will give a basic idea for website that gives better user experience for your website. For any website it is necessary to pay attention at detail levels until a site live and run as expected. I am giving you some general suggestion based on my experience in web development. It’s just a suggestion and not a rule.

1) Intro Page is Not Necessary All Time.
Intro pages are the first pages you see when you browse some website. Normally most intro pages have image with sentence like “enter site”. Basically intro page are just a presentation with not real purpose, it will add efforts on visitors to click one more time to show your website’s valuable home page. I will suggest to show the home page immediately when visitors expect to see it. read more…

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