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Why Template Based Website Not Preferred

There is a major difference between template based website & custom designed website. Now a days ready made website template easily available at low cost. Although most business avoid to use ready made template, they go with custom website build that represents their brand value.

Ready made templates available at affordable cost. But lot of people may using same template for their website, that results to many website with same. Such website does not represent your business/brand value. Everyone like popular web template that results to a multiple website with same template. It means your business website does not appear unique among the business community. That results to reduce the credibility of your products and brands. In other words, your business or brand will appear as generic just like your neighbour at next-door. read more…

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Guide to Better Experience on Website

Hello Friends,

Today I will give a basic idea for website that gives better user experience for your website. For any website it is necessary to pay attention at detail levels until a site live and run as expected. I am giving you some general suggestion based on my experience in web development. It’s just a suggestion and not a rule.

1) Intro Page is Not Necessary All Time.
Intro pages are the first pages you see when you browse some website. Normally most intro pages have image with sentence like “enter site”. Basically intro page are just a presentation with not real purpose, it will add efforts on visitors to click one more time to show your website’s valuable home page. I will suggest to show the home page immediately when visitors expect to see it. read more…

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Why A Business Needs Good Website?

Does your website represents your brand value?

Website represents your company over the web, most people judge your business by website, this is where a professional website comes in picture. Your sales team follows professional approach while dealing with customers. It shows about quality you care and makes your business successful.

If your website looks like assembled by a beginners and thrown on web, It gives message to visitors about non professional approach and not much care for a quality.

Good website represent your business professionally. It shows you are Organized, Focused and you really mean a Business and Products you are selling.

We have built many website with professional approach, View Our Portfolio >>


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Web Design Process Followed By Us

We follows 4 stage process for web developments.

1. Requirement Gathering
First we collect information about your business website needs. We will discuss ideas we have that is useful for your business website. We will also collect information about goals you have to achieve from your business website and timescales to complete the work.

2. Layout Design
We create layout design of your website based on the information gathered during first phase. We always prepare layout design for your website that fit in business image. We also make sure that your web site stand out from your business community. Once layout is ready we welcome your feedback to make sure you are happy with layout design. read more…

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