About Us

Exploring Technologies for Better Life and Business.
Vensatile Technologies, founded by two guys having strong technical skills in software engineering.
We are India based tiny Web and Mobile development company who build solution to empower various business and community. We generally build everything from scratch that helps to educate and inspire millions business around the world. We feel lucky to think about a Mobile App and Web portal that will change the way business/people communicate online.


PrashantKumar Mangukiya

(Co-Founder, System Architect, Project Manager)

Prashantkumar Mangukiya did "Master of Computer Applications (M.C.A.)" from the well known university named Veer Narmad South Gujarat University (VNSGU) at Surat, India.

He has 11+ Years experience for working on various Web and Mobile technologies. He has also good experience for developing web portal from scratch using PHP-MySql platform.

After completing M.C.A. he started web development with knowledge of HTML, CSS, PHP-MySQL, and ASP-SQL Server etc. He learned many things during his career, managed financial flow and other challenges for running a business.

At present PrashantKumar is very active in developing Native iOS Mobile application using Swift-Xcode, his Object Oriencted Programming skills helps to build an efficient mobile application for latest trends.

Please visit PrashantKumar Mangukiya's Blog for more details.

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Techie Prashant

KalpeshKumar Mangukiya

(Co-Founder, Web & Database Developer)

Kalpeshkumar Mangukiya has 7+ Years experience in Web Design & Developing Web based portal with PHP-MySql platform.
He started web development career with HTML, CSS, PHP-MySql, Photoshop etc. Thereafter he learned various technologies like jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, and WordPress Theme Development etc.
He has vast experience for building web portal from scratch with php-mysql and creating public side web interface with latest web technologies. As a business partner he is also very good at managing various challenges for running a web business.